5 Reason I Love Autumn

Autumn is such a special time for us.  So, what does the Fall mean around here?

1. Decorating  

Even though my son Graham is a teenager now, we still enjoy getting in on the holiday fun.  My personal favorite part of holiday decorating is unpacking the pieces that hold memories- especially those passed down from sweet Momma. I’ve also framed some of my favorite pieces from Graham over the years and can still remember the story behind each decoration- some he made and some we picked out together.  I must admit though, when he was little I did help him gravitate to the hipper stuff!

2.  Pumpkin Spice Coffee

Alan and I had our first date over pumpkin spice coffee years ago and still get so excited to make it our weekend coffee in the fall.

3.  Fall Recipes

I love using pumpkin, squash, sweet potatoes and spices that smell like fall.  My happy place is definitely coming up with interesting ways to incorporate seasonal flavors and ingredients.

4.  Giving Back

Graham and I have a tradition where we use his Halloween candy to make treat bags and hand them out to the homeless with a note. We also make “candy cookies” and popcorn balls and deliver them to folks we know who need cheering up and company.

5.  Fall Regattas

We always travel to Augusta for the Halloween Regatta.  The club is decorated and the event is totally geared towards the whole family.

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