5 Things You Should Know About “Mod Squad Martha”

1 – My happiest memories of growing up were spending my summers in Eastern KY. My entire family is originally from Eastern KY.  Once old enough to leave for college, there was never a doubt I would be going back south.  I wanted the warm weather, food, sweetness and tradition.  production

2 – I have always loved the food industry and making people happy! My first catering experience was doing craft service on the sets of country music videos.  I always went beyond just the purchased snacks.  I would create my own mayos and sauces for mini sandwiches, make homemade breakfast items and baked goods. I would also make my table look fun and bring fresh cut wildflowers. People started relying on my table for lunch instead of eating the catered meal.  That was my first light bulb for a catering business.  I also really got to see what a difference good food and delivering it with kindness made in the overall mood of the set. I want people to see that food and music go hand in hand.

3 – I love the freedom to use my creativity and love for people to the best of my ability.  I have always been a risk taker and was raised to believe that I could do anything I wanted if I worked hard enough and believed in myself and what I was doing! I love the excitement of creating something special for people and solving their problems.  What I love the most is being able to care as much as I want, to go the extra mile someone else might not have gone.  It is so rewarding to treat people like you would want someone to treat the people you love the most!

4 – When I am not working I am with my family.  Being a mother is the greatest gift of all and I love being with my son, Graham.  My husband, son and I love to sail.  I also love that I am blessed with still having my father.  My Daddy is such a huge part of my life and who I am.  I love to cook for my family and friends.  Graham and I truly enjoy doing volunteer work together.

5 – I LOVE community service.  My incredible Momma made sure that always helping and giving back in some capacity, mostly time, was a way of life.  I do not remember life without going to nursing homes or delivering meals to elderly.  Before Meals on Wheels, my Momma and my Aunt Irene were doing it on their own.  We would visit orphanages and always share our holidays with those less fortunate.  I come from an incredibly rich history of community service.  I have worked in animal rescue for 25 years and well as done Meals on Wheels.  I work with the homeless.  I volunteer with my church and the Senior Citizens Center.  Mod Squad Martha is pairing with Emmylou Harris to give back through business.

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