Welcome to Mod Squad Martha!  In true fashion, I’m launching my business during the chaotic holiday season so it’s only fitting that my first blog is about the balance of keeping entertaining simple but also keeping it beautiful and true to your personal style.

Perspective is always important, so no matter how hectic things cans be always remember that this is the joyous season – making memories with loved ones and doing for others is what is important.

A few tips so you’ll spend less time stressing and more time with those who matter most

1.  Keep your spread simple, healthy and interesting.  After catering countless holiday parties, I have learned folks love a break from the ordinary holiday spread which tends to be heavy.  Serve up just a few healthy, unique dishes and listen to the conversation!  You will find my suggestions under recipes.

2.  Create a great holiday playlist and have it going when guests arrive. A playlist with traditional songs and offbeat artists from all different genres is always a hit!  A great playlist makes everyone feel welcome, puts a smile on their face and can make friends out of enemies and strangers.  Pairing this playlist with great food is a gathering that will be talked about at other happenings!  Check out my holiday playlist to get you started!

3.  Keep your table uncomplicated with plenty of room for your spread and people to put their drinks and plates as they mingle?  Make your table a reflection of you and your style.  The holidays are sentimental and decorating with something meaningful and personal is always more interesting than the most perfect store bought tabletop.  I use a really modern white tree decorated with family ornaments.  It may not look perfect but love radiates from it and when coupled with small bundles of white cotton and white candles, it becomes elegant.

Happy Holidays Sweet Friends old and new.  I pray they are filled with crazy amounts of great fellowship, food, music and kind deeds for those in need.


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